Polyester Tapes

Self Adhesive polyester film based Tapes encompass a wide field of Electrical insulation class B In the manufacture of capacitors and transformers for sealing the inner coil and for final wrapping.Available in variety of colours and widths. For core and layer insulation of transformers. CG-PPI CG1026, CG 1016 and CG 1028 are available with partial adhesive coating and fringing as per customers specification.Printed polyester tapes are available as per customer’s specification, for capacitor & coil application.

Self Adhesive tapes on polyester film are also available with combinations such as paper, Glass fibre and polyester non-woven. This laminated Substrate tapes have an excellent strength , greater tear strength and very high tensile strength in both directions.These tapes are ideally suited for phase insulation and outer wraps of motor coils. Special combinations are also available on request as per customers specifications.


• General purpose insulations
• Transformer windings
• Coil windings
• Cable jointing
• Final wrapping of cast resin
• Film and foil capacitors

Catalogue – Polyester Adhesive Tape

Catalogue – Low Tack Polyester Tape