Kapton Nomex Tapes

Nomex# / Kapton# / Teflon# are Class H materials in combination with special adhesive is as excellent insulator. Nomex Adhesive tape with Synthetic rubber and Acrylic Adhesive are ideally suited for general transformer manufacturing industries. Owns flame Resistant property due to Nomex backing. Kapton Adhesive Tape with acrylic and silicone adhesive are ideally suited for insulation at very high temperature and for high stress conditions in traction machine manufacturing. Kapton tape has short- term heat resistance, upto 400 °c. Teflon Adhesive Tape with silicone adhesive has heat bond ability, good flexibility, good resistance to chemical, excellent releasing properties and short-term heat resistance upto 275 °c. Teflon Adhesive Tapes find its use in traction motor manufacturing.


• Electrical Motors
• Traction Machine Manufacturing
• Insulation Or Bar Wound Armature

Catalogue – Kapton Nomex Tapes