Tapes For Audio / Video Splicing

Speciality Laminates and UL Approved Tapes are all different kinds of Tapes.

Special Characteristics of CG-PPI Splicing Tapes: Very high adhesive and shear strengths with no gapping. No seeing or oozing of adhesive under winding pressure. Very High resistence to ageing.


The laminates are triplex composites of Nomex or non-woven polyester fleece with polyester films of various thickness. The majority application area are their use as a slot liner,slot closure,coil separator within slots or overhang shapes. The adhesive used is cured to component synthetic resin based. Precut shapes can be custom designed. Custom combination with glass fabric, calendared or uncalendered nomex, Kapton, Copper, Aluminium can be designed.


Following tapes are UL approved
UL File No. E 194505 for CG-PPI Tape Type 1026Y and CG-PPI Tape Type 3510W 7011-1 MIL UL FILENO- 7011-2 MIL FILE NV
CG 1026Y, CG 1030, CG 3510W, CG 8415, CG 203, CG 2026, CG 2026-2, CG 1711

• Specially suited for use in waxed or other kind of greased wires or parts where non corrosive tape is required
• Insulation and in general sealing of connection leads for final insulations
• Final wrapping of cast resin
• Very good varnish resistance properties
• Core layer and final insulations of transformers, SMPS, choke, coils etc
• Heat resistance and hot dryer varnish resistant properties